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About Us

This website is a collaboration between PhotoVoice and the Bhutanese Refugee Support Group, two UK based organisations which have worked closely with the Bhutanese refugees since the 1990s.  Currently neither organisation has active projects working directly with the Bhutanese refugee community.  This website is maintained by volunteers. 

Contact us

If you would like to contact us please email bhutaneserefugees@gmail.com

We are interested in receiving information from organisations working with Bhutanese refugees who would like to link to this site. 

We also welcome testimonies from Bhutanese refugees who are happy to share their experiences through this website.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to all correspondence.

About PhotoVoice

PhotoVoice is an award-winning international charity and the only development organisation of its kind in Europe. Its projects empower some of the most disadvantaged groups in the world with photographic skills so that they can transform their lives.

Through establishing in-field photojournalism workshops its projects enable those who are traditionally the subjects of photography to become its creator. Through photography these individuals find confidence in their voices and are enabled to speak out about their challenges, concerns, hopes and fears.

PhotoVoice projects span four continents, assisting refugees, street children, orphans, HIV/ AIDS sufferers and special needs groups. Internationally the organisation provides the platform for PhotoVoice groups to exhibit and market their work and to inspire change. It also provides long-term support for individuals to pursue careers in their local photographic industries.

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About the Bhutanese Refugee Support Group (UK and Ireland)

The Bhutanese Refugee Support Group (UK and Ireland) is a group of people who have lived and worked in Bhutan or in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal, or both.

It exists to express solidarity with the Bhutanese refugees, to raise awareness and advocate a just resolution of their plight, and to draw attention to the severe discrimination faced by people of Nepalese ethnicity in Bhutan.

The BRSG works closely with human rights organisations and humanitarian agencies on advocacy initiatives for and with the Bhutanese refugees.

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