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Much of the website focuses on the plight of Bhutanese refugees who have lived in exile outside of their homeland since the early 1990s. 

This section of the website concentrates on the situation inside Bhutan and attempts to highlight some of the difficulties faced by the Lhotshampa population there.

Recent decades have seen many changes in Bhutan. Under Bhutan’s constitution, due to come into effect in 2008, it seems that difficulties will remain for Lhotshampas. Bhutan’s partners in development cooperation, UN agencies and bilateral partners, must work with the Royal Government of Bhutan to promote inclusion of those now marginalized in all development programmes.

Significant numbers of  Lhotshampas are still living in Bhutan. There is ample evidence that the Bhutanese government continues to discriminate against them, and that they are a vulnerable section of the population.

King Jigme Singye Wangchuk propounded Gross National Happiness as the unifying concept for Bhutan’s development, yet many Bhutanese remain to be included in the project.


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